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Are you ready to step into your light and confidently share your gifts?

Do you have a inner knowing that you're here for more? That you're here to be of service and help people at a deeper level, but you find yourself getting in your own way?

Do you feel unfulfilled and like you have a bigger purpose, but fear gets in the way of you taking the first step?

Are you ready to follow the whispers of your Soul and share your light?


Dear One,

 In your heart you know that you're here for more. To live a life of purpose, alignment, & service. 

The nudges from your Soul in the form of discontent, unfulfillment, and knowing there's a better way is your Soul guiding you towards your purpose. 

Deep down you know what you're meant to do, I invite you to step out of fear and lean into trust. You are divinely supported every step of the way. 

You are meant to feel expansive, free, and aligned. To share your gifts with the world and know in your heart that you're making a difference. 


With Love, 




Share Your Light

 a 7 week series to support you in letting go of any fear that is keeping you from confidently stepping into your purpose.

What's in store for this 7 week journey?

Week 1 - Clear Channel Mastery

I’ll share proven techniques to be a clear channel when holding space for your clients, writing, teaching, speaking, or whatever your medium is. 

Week 2 - Unearth Your Unique Gifts + Find Your Niche

Identify your unique gifts and break through any blockages hindering your ability to share them and empower yourself to help others authentically. Gain clarity on who you're meant to help and how. 

Week 3 - Ascend to Higher Chakras + Let go of Fear

 Activate your higher chakras so you can connect to your Soul easier and expand your energy. 

Let go of fear of rejection, putting yourself out there, and failure so you can begin to confidently share your gifts with the world.


Week 4 - Enhancing Your Intuition
Connect with your inner wisdom to guide your hands and heart during your work for deeper healing. Using your intuition will help you trust that you are being led and you are fully supported with the work you're doing.

Week 5 - Divine Support
Experience the transformative power of Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters in your work.

Week 6 - Connect to Your Soul's Blueprint
Learn how to read your Akashic records to receive clarity on your offers. 

Bonus Lesson: Integrate Meditation Into Your Offering - learn how to lead a meditation for yourself or your clients. 

Week 7 - Create Your Offer
You're going to create a soul aligned offer and share it with the cla

In the end… 

⚡ You'll radiate confidence in your gifts, know how you're meant to share them, and get a toolkit to support clients, yourself, and your loved ones. You'll have the courage and confidence to put yourself out there and start sharing your gifts with the world!

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All the ways I'm blocking myself from sharing my light I let it go now from every level, every layer, and every piece of my DNA.


I'm Ann, a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, and Mom. 

I created this series because I know what it's like to have a deep knowing in your Soul that you are meant for more. To try job after job only to feel drained, unfulfilled, and wondering if there's another way. 

I went years with this feeling. I'd sometimes try to push it down with eating unhealthy, drinking, or shopping only to find temporary happiness but knowing deep down there was a bigger reason why I was here.

It wasn't until I experienced Postpartum Depression which led me to Reiki and opening my business did I find true fulfillment. I finally knew what I was meant to do in this world and there's no greater feeling than doing what you love while helping others. 

I believe at this time there are so many beautiful souls being called to step into their light. To do what their Soul came here to do and to help this world.

What I do know is those whispers (or screams) never go away until we start aligning with our purpose and begin to share our light. 

It is time to step into your purpose and share your gifts with the world. 


With Love, 



Those desires were placed in your heart for a reason.

Imagine waking up feeling: 

- excited for the work you do

- grateful because you know in your heart that you're truly making a difference in this world

- connected to your Soul and like you are fully supported every step of the way

- confident to put your offers out there 

- like your living your souls purpose



Share Your Light

 a 7 week series to support you in letting go of any fear that is keeping you from confidently stepping into your purpose.

What's in store for this 7 week journey?

Image by Renee Kiffin


You deserve to live a life filled with

passion, purpose, and alignment.

What's included:

- 7 live trainings (Tuesdays at 7PM/MST starting March 5 - April16th)

- Energetic upgrades

- SIT Clearings

- Higher self activations

- Unlimited support via email

- Guided meditations



($222 deposit and $222 before it starts)

What people are saying about Share Your Light:

"Share your light is such a lovely course. Being able to meet weekly with like minded individuals to learn,
share, clear fear, get clarity on our paths forward and who we are meant to help and how to take the
next steps to start sharing our light with the world was so much fun!

This course really helped me sit down with my ideas and work on them to bring them to life instead of
them just floating around in my head! Ann is an amazing, supportive teacher and mentor who puts so
much work and love into everything she does, I highly recommend anything she offers!"

- Chrisanna G


If you know that you are here for a reason and your soul is calling you towards your purpose. I invite you to place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Gently close your eyes and ask your Soul if this series is right for you. If you feel light, expansive, nervous, excited, or any other uplifting feeling that is a Soul Yes. If you feel a heaviness, dread, or an uneasy feeling, that is a soul No. I hope you can honour what your Soul says and regardless I'm so thankful for you being here and I hope this page has inspired you to share your light with the world! If it's a Soul YES you can sign up below.

P.S Come back to this process anytime you're making a decision.

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It's time to share your light!

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