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Image by Olga Thelavart

Subconscious Imprinting Technique (S.I.T.)

"Remove subconscious beliefs, patterns, and stuck emotions that are keeping you from feeling happy, fulfilled, and at ease."

What is S.I.T? 

S.I.T is a healing modality that gets to the root cause of pain, illness, and blockages by discovering repressed emotions in the body from a past hurt or trauma.

Common things S.I.T can resolve:

• Pain in the body that won't go away

• Anxiety

• Skin conditions

• Headaches/Migraines

• Self sabotage 

• Abundance blocks

• Confusion
 on your purpose

• Self doubt

• Feeling unmotivated and stuck in life


Welcome feelings of..
• Ease
• Joy
• Abundance
• Lightness
• Peace

• Worthiness
• Health

• Acceptance
• Gratitude
• Calmness
• Relaxation


What does a session look like?

There are 4 main steps to a S.I.T Session. 

Step 1 : Reason 

We will identify what you want to work on and how you want to feel after the session. 

Step 2: Reveal

Here we will discover the Root Cause of what you're experiencing in your physical, emotional, or spiritual body. 

The root cause usually stems from a
past event, experience, or trauma you had. 

Step 3: Reprogram

Using statements based on all of the information that came up during the reason and reveal stage we will clear all the emotions and patterns that are contributing to your symptom(s).

Step 4: Restore 

New empowering beliefs and emotions are imprinted to create new outcomes that contribute to the health, emotions, and life you desire. 

At this stage most people notice a huge difference in how they feel.

* While one session will be incredibly valuable, I recommend committing to a series of 4 sessions for best results. Packages are available. * 


S.I.T. Session                                  $125
Package of 4 sessions                          $425     


Image by Annie Spratt


" It was such a moving session and Ann is a very gifted channel of healing. I experienced a SIT session and she made connections to my trapped pain and helped me release it with so much empathy and care.


This technique released things that not even my therapist put together. I am in so much gratitude! Thank you Ann, I am still so amazed with how my physical body released so much pain - just wow! "

- Patricia C. 

I had three SIT Sessions with Ann, each one was so remarkable! To begin with, Ann was very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Following each session, she checked in and provided many relevant and helpful tips to assist with my healing. 

In my sessions with Ann, she assisted with healing stomach issues, allergies, eczema as well as lower back pain. Not only were those issues resolved within just a few days, healthier habits in my life instantly began to form. 

Each session truly felt like a miracle! I cannot recommend SIT enough, it is truly life changing! 

- Kelsey T. 

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