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Supporting you in feeling lighter, clearer, and at ease.

Discover healing and clarity with a distance session.


Are you ready to align with your inner self and balance your energy? A 1:1 session will support you in coming back to centre, find more inner peace and relaxation, while offering clarity and insight into your life. 

I'm currently offering:


Bliss Healing - Experience a blend of energy healing techniques including:  Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, the Emotion Code, and/or Subconscious Imprinting Technique. Each session is custom to your unique needs and includes a guided meditation, intuitive guidance, and an oracle reading.

1 HR | $120

Distance Reiki  - Relax and realign with a distance Reiki healing that combines guided meditation, intuitive guidance, & an oracle Reading. Feel lighter, clearer, and more in tune with your inner self as your energy is balanced and restored.

1 HR | $80

Soul Remedy  - Receive insight and wisdom from your Soul, Akashic Records, and Divine Team.  Each session includes a meditation to connect within to receive clarity from your Soul (recognizing the answers you seek reside within you.) An Akashic Record reading and guidance from your divine team. It's my intention you'll receive clarity, validation, and inspiration after each session. 

60 min. | $44


Soul Remedy Package - 4 x 60 min. sessions for $165

(message me to book a package)

If you're experiencing...

• Anxiety
• Overwhelm
• A difficult time
• Health concerns 
• Low energy
• Confusion on what steps to take next
• Sensitivity
• Fatigue
• Pain

A 1:1 session can help you feel...

• Calm
• Relaxed
• Lighter
• Peaceful
• Clear
• Vibrant
• Energized
• At ease
• Empowered


Benefits of a session:

  • deeply relaxing 

  • clarity on your life purpose and what steps to take next

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • improved sleep 

  • pain relief 

  • promotes mindfulness

  • connection to your higher self 

  • encourages inner peace and spiritual growth

  • balances energy in the body

  • supports self-healing at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual

  • removes blockages & limitations so that you're empowered to live your best life

Over the past seven years I've helped hundreds of women experiencing health concerns, anxiety, low energy, uncertainty, a divorce or separation, and confusion on their life purpose. I've supported them in returning to health, finding clarity and purpose, and seeing things from a higher perspective so they can move forward in life with confidence and ease.

Distance Sessions available:

Bliss Healing

• Guided Meditation

• Distance Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy (angelic healing) and/or The Emotion Code (release trapped emotions in the body) 

• Energy Clearing

• Akashic Record Reading and/or Intuitive Guidance
• Oracle Card Reading 

75 min. session


Distance Reiki

• Guided Meditation

• Distance Reiki

• Intuitive Guidance From Your Soul and Divine Team to receive clarity on anything you're currently going through and how to move through it with ease. 
• Oracle Card Reading 

60 min. session


Soul Remedy 

• Guided Meditation

• Soul Inquiry 

• Intuitive Guidance From the Akashic Records and Divine Team to receive clarity on anything you're currently struggling with and how to move through it with ease. 
• Oracle Card Reading 

60 min. session


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