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Rose + Cocoa - Promotes self love and acceptance. The ultimate self care soak. Helps revitalize your body and mind, open your heart, and is rich in anti-oxidants.


* safe for all ages - can be put into an organza bag so petals and cocao don't float in the tub.


Ingredients: Pink himalayan sea salt, epsom salt, cocoa nibs, dried rose petals.



Lavender + Vanilla - this relaxing bath soak is perfect to use before bed or in times of anxiety! It helps quiet the mind, relax your muscles, and promotes a restful night's sleep.


*Safe for all ages


Ingredients: Epsom salt, dried lavender, vanilla essential oil, lavender essential oil.


Eucalpytus + Mint - Open your airways while gently detoxing the body. Support your immune system and helps you breathe easier. Perfect for this time of year!


*Safe for kids 6 years and older


Ingredients: Epsom salt, dead sea salt, rock sea salt, baking soda, eucalpytus essential oil, spearmint essential oil.



Milk + Honey - this nourishing bath soak is gentle on sensitive skin and will moisturize dry skin. It will soothe inflammation and promote feelings of peace and relaxation.


*Safe for all ages


Ingredients: Coconut milk, epsom salt, honey powder, cocoa butter, dried calendula flowers.


1.5 OZ | $6.50


12 OZ | $16

Bath Soaks

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