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Do this every morning to have a good day!

Do you have a morning practice? If yes, you know the positive effects of taking 10-20 minutes in the morning to start your day with intention.

If not, you might be wondering what is a morning practice?

A morning practice is something you do every morning that feels good and helps you connect to your Inner Self. It could be:

• Meditation

• Affirmations

• Prayer

• Set Intentions for your day

• Practice Gratitude

• Read a positive book

• Energy Clearing

or Morning Mantras!

I created these mantras to help get you into alignment and have a good day. When we first wake up we are in a mindful state and if we take the time to go within we can set ourselves up for a great day. Listen to the Morning Mantras below:

Do you have a morning practice? If so, what's your favourite thing to do?

Have a beautiful day!



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