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5 Easy Ways to Increase your Intuition

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

When you follow your Intuition, your life begins to change in the most amazing way. You experience clarity, can make decisions with ease, and begin to live your purpose.

We were all born intuitive but maybe growing up you learned to not trust yourself or your intuition.

Hearing your intuition takes practice (it's quiet and gentle, not loud like your ego) but here are 5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Intuition.

1) Let go of expectation and TRUST - When you put pressure on yourself and feel like you need the answer right now it blocks the guidance from coming through. Know that you will receive your guidance at the perfect time.

2) Get clear - Alcohol, sugar, and meat can cause fogginess making it hard to hear your intuition. Water, greens, berries and citrus fruits can help you be clear and hear your intuition easier.

3) Find Stillness - During meditation you can quiet your thoughts which helps you easily hear your intuition, guides, and angels. Need help getting started? Here's your beginners guide to meditation.

4) Try a Pendulum and Oracle Cards - Pendulums use your bodies energy to give you yes or no answers. They are very easy to use and a great tool to get clarity. Oracle Cards are divinely guided and extremely accurate, usually the cards will pop out right away to give you the answers you're needing. You can ask a specific question or that whatever message you need to hear today comes through.

5) Intention - Intention is everything. Set the intention that your ego is set aside and that you can hear your intuition easily, accurately, and joyfully. You can also set the intention to connect with your higher self, guides (of the highest white light), and angels to receive the messages you most need to hear today.

If you'd like to learn more ways to increase your intuition and find out how to hear your intuition I'm holding a Intro to Intuition workshop on August 5th. I'm so excited to share this workshop with you! If you want to find out more information or sign up click here.

Sending you so much love!



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