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Are you Sensitive to Energy?

Updated: May 28, 2020

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you have to go to busy locations like a mall, market, or Costco?

When you do go out does it take you a day or two at home alone to recover?

Can you sense if someone’s having a bad day without them even saying anything?

Do you take on other people’s problems as your own? When someone is going through a difficult time do you constantly think about them and what they're going through?

Do people think you are “stuck up” because you tend to keep to yourself?

Do you find yourself drained after being around a lot of people?

Is it hard for you to work in a public setting?

Do you cry during emotional movies or TV shows ?

Do you wake up with little to no energy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than you may be sensitive to energy or an “empath.”

What does this mean?

We're all made up of energy and can feel it to some degree (have you ever been around someone who’s energy was so positive you couldn’t help but be in a better mood? Or how about walking in to a room and you can cut the tension with a knife?) but some of us are just more sensitive to energy than others. Maybe you've been called sensitive throughout your life.

An Empath is someone with the strong ability to feel the thoughts, emotions, and energy of others.

Being sensitive to energy affects how we live in the world. It truly is a gift to be empathetic but if we don’t know how to clear and protect our energy it can feel more like a burden.

Growing up I always knew I was sensitive but didn’t have a name for it and didn’t know that life could be any different. I instinctually did things to protect my energy like miss school, have long showers, get outside, and avoid harsh situations but I still found myself drained and with low energy which led to always being sick, being emotional, and never feeling great.

When I found out that I was an “empath” and learned some tools to protect my energy, my life completely changed! If any of this resonates with you I wanted to share some easy tips and techniques that have helped me have more energy and protect my energy.

1. Clear your energy. This is clearing any energy that doesn’t belong to you and isn’t for your best and highest good. This can be done many ways but some of my favourites are:

• Getting outside and sticking your feet in the grass, sand, or water

• Having a natural sea salt bath

• Imagine white light around the shower head and washing over your body and clearing any energy that’s not for your highest good

• Smudging or saging

• Using essential oils like clary sage, frankincense, or lemongrass

• Releasing the energy that’s not for your best and highest good by simply saying “I release all the energy that’s not for my best and highest good where it can be transmuted to love” 3x

2. Protect your energy. Again there are many ways to do this but some of my favorites:

• Wearing or carrying protective crystals like smokey quartz, onyx, or black tourmaline. These all repel negative energy

• Imagine your body and the energy around you being filled with a white light (but choose any color that resonates with you) and only love can come in and out

• Zipping up your energy so imagining a zipper around you keeping your energy field closed and not allowing anything in

• Asking the Universe to put a protective energy barrier around you only letting love in and love out

I do at least 1 clearing and 1 protecting exercise every morning and every night. It changes with which one I use but I've had great success using all of them. I would suggest trying all of them to find the one(s) that works best for you!

Know that it’s completely possible to have energy, feel good everyday and to not be affected by the world around you. I hope these recommendations help and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me!

Love and Light,



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