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How to hear your Intuition

Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the most asked questions I get after a session is how do I receive my Inner Guidance? and if they're able to do the same.

My answer is Yes we are all born intuitive, the only difference between someone who is “intuitive” and someone who thinks they're not is the intuitive person learns to hear their intuition and follow it.

I’ve always had a strong intuition (though I didn’t always listen to it!) but it definitely does take practice to hear your intuition.

Have you ever had a thought to drive a different way home but you didn’t and followed the same road you always take home to realize it's blocked with construction? or how about a great new idea for a service or invention but you didn’t follow through with it because it seemed too 'out there', you later find out a company is doing the exact same idea that you had and is killing it?

Inner guidance always comes as a whisper, it sounds like your own thoughts so it can be hard to distinguish it as your intuition. Also majority of the time our inner guidance does not make any sense! To our logical mind it sounds absolutely crazy so we fear following it and then later regret not doing so.

When we follow our inner guidance our life becomes in total alignment and we are more “in flow,” We tend to feel happier, and more at ease. Our soul always knows best. In this blog I'll share with you some ways to heighten your intuition and some easy steps to hear and follow your inner guidance!

1. Find stillness

The easiest way is to practice meditation. Through meditation we can easily connect with our intuition. Making the time every day to meditate will strengthen our intuition and awareness. When we are too much in our heads it’s easy to miss the messages from our intuition.

2. Ask to connect with your higher self (or true self, intuition, whatever you want to call it)

Find a quite spot and take a few deep breaths in and out to centre yourself and ask to set your ego aside and connect with your higher self, when you feel connected ask any question that you are wanting to know. Have a pen and paper handy so you can remember any messages you get.

3. If something doesn’t make sense to you, ask for clarity

If you receive guidance and it doesn’t make any sense to you, ask to receive clarity that it's something you're meant to do. A lot of the times we get signs through family members, friends, and repetitive messages in songs, and emails. which leads me to my next point.

4. Pay attention to repetitive signs

We get guidance through loved ones, tv shows, emails, and songs. We can also get messages in the forms of repetitive numbers (angel numbers) or animals. Take notice of any repetitive signs you get and search what the meaning is if you don't know. You can also ask the Universe for a specific sign (like a owl) if the choice is right for you.

5. Keep your vibrations high

When we keep our vibrations high by eating clean and think positively we are able to easier connect with our true self. Also when we use stimulants like alcohol and caffeine it clouds our connection with our true essence.

6. Notice when you're most in touch with your intuition

Doing certain activities or being in nature can help you hear your intuition better. I notice right before falling asleep is when I get a lot of the answers I’ve been looking for. As well as in the shower or bath, I believe it's from the warm water relaxing me and bringing me into mindful state! When I’m by the ocean I also feel my best and I'm able to hear my inner guidance crystal clear. Maybe for you it’s being in the mountains, in the forest, or at the lake.

7. Know which Clair you are

The 4 Clair’s are how we receive our inner guidance as well as divine guidance.

Clairvoyance - clear vision, so getting visions in your minds eye as a picture or movie.

Clairaudience - clear hearing. You get messages as repetitive words in your minds ear.

Claircognizance - clear knowing, you process the world by having a knowing but you aren’t always sure how you know things. Like being able to fix an item without instructions, or getting a great new idea for an invention or business.

Clairsentience - clear feeling. It’s your bodies way of giving messages before your conscious mind can filter it. Feeling excited about something in the future, or a tense feeling around a certain person because they aren’t right for you.

Let’s do a quick quiz by Doreen Virtue to find out what is your primary Clair.

When you meet someone new for the first time what do you notice about them

A. How they look

B. The sound of their voice

C. If they interest you and if you can learn from them

d. How you feel around them

When you think of the last movie you watched or one that stands out to you, What do you remember?

A. Is it the vision of the actors or actresses, how they look, what they are wearing.

B. Sounds of the movie, the music, the actors voice

C. Does it stand out to you because you learned something new and it was interesting.

D. How it made you feel. Did it move you, did it make you sad or happy?

Think of a place you went on vacation to, what stands out to you the most?

A. What it looked liked, the scenery, the people,

B. The sounds that you remember, the ocean, the birds, etc.

C. Did you learn about the culture, or history of the place?

D. Is it how you felt when you were there? Did you feel happy, safe, relaxed

Mostly A’s

Clairvoyant - Process this world visually through your physical eyes or minds eye.

Mostly B’s

Clairaudient - Process the world through sound.

Mostly C’s

Claircognizant - Process the world intellectually, Always wanting to learn.

Mostly D’s

Clairsentienct - Process the world through your feelings. Highly sensitive and very feeling oriented.

Now that you know which Clair you are you can pay attention to that sense to receive the answers you are looking for.

8. Trust your instincts

You always know the right answer. Trust your instinct, if something is meant for you it'll feel good in your body, if it's not you'll feel tense and it won't be a good feeling. You know yourself better than anyone else so trust yourself. :)

We all have an intuition, it’s up to us to hear it and follow it. When followed it makes life easier, more enjoyable, and opens us to infinite possibilities.

Love and Light,



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