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Experience relaxation, healing, and inner peace with an in person session. 

I'm currently offering the following sessions out of my home studio in Red Deer County: 

Reiki  - Relax and realign with a Reiki healing that combines guided meditation, intuitive guidance, & an oracle reading. Feel lighter, clearer, and more in tune with your inner self as your energy is balanced and restored.

1 HR | $80

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Bliss Healing - Experience a blend of energy healing techniques including:  Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, the Emotion Code, and/or Subconscious Imprinting Technique. Each session is custom to your unique needs and includes a guided meditation, intuitive guidance, and an oracle reading.

1 HR | $120

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Bliss Facial -  a holistic facial that blends natural healing products with the ancient techniques of Gua Sha, facial cupping, and therapeutic massage. Deeply relax as I incorporate energy healing and facial techniques to work in harmony to revitalize your complexion, promoting circulation, detoxification, and a radiant glow from within. Unwind and reconnect with your inner bliss as our holistic approach nurtures not just your skin, but your entire being.

1 HR | $110

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Enjoy a rejuvenating foot reflexology session, starting with a soothing foot cleanse, then a gentle exfoliation to leave your feet soft and revitalized. 

You'll then receive a reflexology treatment where reflex points are activated to promote overall wellness and balance. Complete with a relaxing foot massage. 

 45 min. | $85

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