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Integrated Energy Therapy


IET works with violet angelic energy ray to clear energetic blockages and cellular memories that result from this lifetime and past lives. It works to energetically restructure your body's 12 strand DNA and supports you in remembering and living the true expression of your souls purpose in this lifetime. 


Some causes of energetic blockages can be from physical trauma, surgery, suppressed feelings, self-limiting thoughts, stress, fear, and overwhelm. 


An IET session can be done in person or via distance. If you'd like to book an in person session please add it into the notes when booking.


This gentle and loving session will leave you feelinng peaceful and connected to your soul and angelic team.

60 min.    


Image by Billy Huynh


Ann offered me an Integrated Energy Therapy Session and it was such a balm to my soul and senses! I have connected off and on to angels and angelic energy before, and whenever I have it left me seeking more of their support. Ann's session helped me solidly connect to those life supporting energies. 


Ann offered clarity, intuitive messages received and more on the angelic protection that appeared for me during the session. 


I felt reconnected to myself, at ease and supported at the end of the session. I also felt committed to working more closely with my Angels and Guides. It was a soft, gentle and uplifting healing experience, with effects lasting beyond the session, and I highly recommend this IET session for anyone seeking a deeper connection with their angels and feeling some calm.

-Shreyasi B.

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