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Classes + Series

Hear Your Soul’s Calling

Are you ready to experience more ease, fulfillment, and inner peace?


My classes will support you in connecting with your soul and remembering your light.


Soul Aligned Sunday

Join me every Sunday to come back to self and start the week from an aligned place. 

Sundays have always been Sacred for me, I believe the way we spend our Sunday sets us up for the rest of the week. 

It's my intention to share nourishing practices with you each Sunday (on Youtube) to uplift your energy and align with your Soul. 

If you can't watch it Sunday it will always be there to support you whenever you need it!

You can find my latest Soul Aligned Sunday below. If you know anyone who can benefit from this class, please share it with them! 


Monthly Bliss

Step into a safe space to release overwhelm and come back to centre.

Welcome in more ease into your month and have the tools to come back to Self no matter what you're experiencing in life.

It's my intention to create a nourishing practice where you can let go of stress and overwhelm and find your way back to yourself. Life can be challenging, and I believe in the power of meditation to help you navigate those challenges with ease. 

Each monthly class includes: 
- Energy update for the month
- 10-15 min of G
entle Yoga (beginner friendly) 
- Guided Meditation
- Energy Healing
(distance Reiki, SIT Statements, etc.) based on the energy at play
- Oracle Reading 

By the end of the class you'll have a deeper connection to yourself and feel more grounded and supported. 

📆 Next Class: May 5th, 2024 at 7 PM/MST.

🌐 Online: Zoom (The replay will be available after)

⚡ Investment: $18


Usui Reiki

Learn the transformative practice of Usui Reiki.

This easy to learn energy healing modality will completely transform your life and support your spiritual growth.

Reiki is known for: 
- Reducing stress
- Boosting immunity 
- Releasing negative emotions and thought patterns
- Reducing pain, depression, & anxiety 
- Increasing spiritual connection
- Balancing energy.

This beautiful healing modality is suitable for everyone, empowering you to bring healing energy into your life and the lives of those around you.

 In Reiki level one you'll learn:

 -What Reiki is
-The 5 Principles
-The history 
-The Reiki Power Symbol
-How to do a Reiki self-treatment
-Introduction to the Chakras 
-How to clear your energy 
-How to practice Reiki on others
- How to Reiki on plants, animals, & food

Reiki level one opens you up to self healing, increased intuition, and a deeper connection to your self.

​Upon completion of Usui Reiki Level 1 you'll be a certified Reiki Practitioner and can begin practicing Reiki on yourself and others.


In Usui Reiki Level Two you'll deepen your knowledge of Reiki and learn how to do a distance healing and emotional healing. 

In Reiki level two you'll learn: 

- The mental/emotional healing 

- How to conduct an emotional healing 

- How to use your intuition during a session

- How to do a distance healing 

- Advanced energy healing techniques 

- How to start a Reiki business (or add Reiki to your current business) 

Upon completetion of Usui Reiki Level 2 you'll be able to do a emotional healng and distance healing session.

Investment: $250

Next class: TBD (private 1:1 classes are available, email me here to schedule a class) 


Share Your Light

a 7 week series to support you in letting go of any fear that is keeping you from confidently stepping into your purpose.

What's in store for this 7 week journey?

Week 1 - Clear Channel Mastery

I’ll share proven techniques to be a clear channel when holding space for your clients, writing, teaching, speaking, or whatever your medium is. 

Week 2 - Unearth Your Unique Gifts + Find Your Niche

Identify your unique gifts and break through any blockages hindering your ability to share them and empower yourself to help others authentically. Gain clarity on who you're meant to help and how. 

Week 3 - Ascend to Higher Chakras + Let go of Fear

 Activate your higher chakras so you can connect to your Soul easier and expand your energy. 

Let go of fear of rejection, putting yourself out there, and failure so you can begin to confidently share your gifts with the world.


Week 4 - Enhancing Your Intuition
Connect with your inner wisdom to receive clarity on your offers and who you're meant to help. Using your intuition will help you trust that you are being led and you are fully supported with the work you're doing.

Week 5 - Divine Support
Experience the transformative power of Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters in your work.

Week 6 - Connect to Your Soul's Blueprint
Learn how to read your Akashic records to receive clarity on your offers. 

Bonus Lesson: Integrate Meditation Into Your Offering - learn how to lead a meditation for yourself or your clients. 

Week 7 - Create Your Offer
Receive a activation to align with your purpose so you can confidently share your light. You're going to create a soul aligned offer and share it with the class! 

In the end… 

⚡ You'll radiate confidence in your gifts, know how you're meant to share them, and get a toolkit to support clients, yourself, and your loved ones. You'll have the courage and confidence to put yourself out there and start sharing your gifts with the world!

What's included:​

- 7 live trainings (replay will be available after) 

- Energetic upgrades

- SIT Clearings

- Higher self activations

- Unlimited support via email

- Guided meditations

When: Next Class TBD in winter 2025

Investment: $478

Where: Online

It's time to share your light!

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